Bloodborne Remaster PS5 PC

Whispers of a Bloodborne remaster have been doing the rounds for what feels like an eternity. Those familiar with the original game will know that it doesn't run perfectly on PS4 — it has some odd frame pacing issues and the frame rate does tend to drop during busier fights. Still, for our money, it's one of the the greatest games available on Sony's current-gen console.

Anyway, aside from some sudden retail listings — which rarely amount to anything — it's been a while since we've heard anything juicy about this supposed remaster. Enter RedGamingTech on Youtube — a channel that has a promising track record when it comes to leaks. They mostly deal with hardware information rather than software, but it's clear that they have access to accurate sources — at least to some extent.

Apparently, the same source that told RedGamingTech about the Metal Gear Solid remake also claims that the long rumoured Bloodborne remaster is absolutely real, and it's coming to both PS5 and PC. It's allegedly "quite far along in development", and it'll come with "additional content". As you may know, Bloodborne has quite a lot of cut content — stuff that was removed from the game during development. If the remaster really does exist, it sounds like it could restore some of these unused assets.

As is the case with any rumour like this, our only option is to wait and see what happens. The whole thing does sound feasible, though, and it ties into the many, many Bloodborne rumours that have come before it. No smoke without fire, as they say.