Battleborn PS4 PlayStation 4

Remember Battleborn? Gearbox's answer to Overwatch was a similar hero shooter with flamboyant characters, but it failed to catch on in the same way. Upon launch in 2016, it gained fairly positive reviews, but didn't make much of an impact among consumers, and publisher 2K Games couldn't muster any real enthusiasm.

The game was kept alive with updates until about a year later, and in 2019, it was withdrawn from sale on digital stores. Since then, things have slowly been winding down to an eventual server shutdown. Yesterday (31st January 2021) was the last day you could log in and play Battleborn. Now, with online support officially over, this is a game lost to time. It's no longer playable in any capacity.

It's a sad story, but unfortunately, not every game can capture the moment in the way the likes of Overwatch or Fortnite have. The upside is that Gearbox has had far more success recently with Borderlands 3, so we're sure it's not too saddened by this. Onward and upward.