If the general deals making up today's new PlayStation Store indie sale weren't enough, the long list of discounts has created a situation where you can buy 15 PlayStation 4 games for less than £5.50/$5.50. And no, that's not a typo. This is all thanks to the Instant Indie Collections, which bundle together various titles for a very cheap price, and now they're on sale. A PlayStation Plus subscription is what brings these down to such absurdly low prices, allowing you to fill up your backlog even more for less than a McDonald's meal.

Over on the PS Store, you'll want to search for the Instant Indie Collections — there are five of them in total. Each edition contains three PS4 indie games, which is how we get to the grand total of 15 titles in exchange for pennies. The 15 games you can pick up are:

This is the cheapest these Instant Indie Game Collections have ever been priced at on PS Store, so even if one or two of the bundles contains a title you'd consider a dud, you're still getting an outstanding deal here. For some reason, the Instant Indie Collection Volume 1 isn't on sale right now in the US, so this deal only covers 12 PS4 indie games for those of you from the region. We'll update this article should it also receive the discount other territories have been treated to. UK and EU users can use this link to access the list of deals while US readers should head on through here. Don't forget that you'll need to be logged into your PSN account to view the bonus discount PS Plus gives you.

Will you be taking advantage of these awesome PS4 indie deals? Let us know in the comments below.