PS5 Stock Update Jim Ryan 1

It’d be unfair to say that Sony was caught flat-footed by the PlayStation 5’s demand, but it’s still been unable to keep up with unprecedented interest in its next-gen console. With the world ravaged by a global pandemic, and increased emphasis on “at home” entertainment, the platform holder has been scrambling to provide enough PS5 stock – and it’s led to some frustrated fans.

Speaking with GQ, boss Jim Ryan reiterated once again that the manufacturer is “very sorry” not everyone has been able to buy one, and stressed that his company is working “as hard as we possibly can”. He explained that shortages in the supply chain have been to blame for the sell outs, but also expressed the “level of the demand” for the device as a reason behind the situation.

“You may have read that we sold 4.5 million PS5s at the end of December – that’s more than we did PS4s in 2013 and that was the high watermark for the PlayStation generation,” he said. “So, with everything in the world throughout last year, we feel like that was fairly decent. I know there were people who wanted a PS5 and couldn’t find one. We’re very sorry about that.”

Ryan explained that, since Christmas, his company has been working with “renewed vigour and energy”, and he’s confident that the console will be easier to find soon. “[Supply] will increase as each month passes,” he promised. “And the situation will start to get better hopefully quite quickly. We’ve been relentless in terms of trying to increase production and I really can’t say any more than that.”

Asked to put a timeline on a solution, the executive declined, but pointed out that stock has been improving in the UK of late. “We’re doing our best,” he continued. “I was just looking at the supply figures for the UK – we put a considerable amount of product into the UK market last week. And that will continue over weeks and months to come.”