PS5 DualSense Controller Drift 1

Last week, there was a huge Kotaku report on DualSense drift, which occurs when a pad detects movement on an analogue stick that’s not being touched. This can be hugely problematic in titles that require precise movements, like racing games or first-person shooters, and has been a massive issue with Nintendo Switch hardware.

We polled you on the matter, and about 21 per cent of you said that you had experienced drift on your PlayStation 5 pad, which is a relatively high number from an admittedly small, non-scientific sample size. All of this, naturally, has culminated in a US law firm launching a class action lawsuit against Sony.

The complaint, as seen and reported on by GamesRadar, claims that “the DualSense controller is defective” because drift “significantly interferes with gameplay and thus compromises the DualSense controller’s core functionality”. It adds that the platform holder is “aware” of the issue due to “online consumer complaints […] and through its own pre-release testing”.

While the core defect is problematic in itself, the bigger issue seems to stem from Sony’s response. Some consumers have pointed out that their problems have been outright dismissed, while others have mentioned that the manufacturer demands the customer cover postal costs when sending a controller in for repair.

All in all, the law firm is requesting compensation for its clients, as it claims that the drift issues would have dissuaded its plaintiffs from paying full-price for the next-gen console to begin with. Sony, unsurprisingly, is yet to comment on the lawsuit or the DualSense drift issues – it’ll be interesting to see if this story gathers steam like it did with the Nintendo Switch.