This is quite literally the epitome of YouTube. Head on over to the site's Trending page and you'll come across a video where popular YouTuber ZHC customises a gigantic PlayStation 5 alongside five other artists, with two teams taking either side of the console. They then conduct a 100-hour challenge to see who can come up with the best painting on the side of a PS5, with forfeits to be taken along the way. Yep, that sounds like the YouTube algorithm at work.

ZHC is very well known for customising Apple products and gifting them to online celebrities such as Charli D'Amelio, Addison Rae, and Mr Beast. In this particular video, the winning team gets a normal-sized PS5 console for themselves, while the other systems spotted in the clip are donated to a Children in Need charity. The YouTuber even claims the giant PS5 actually works as a brief glimpse of Minecraft being played is shown on screen. We remain unconvinced that it's actually the big system putting in the work, however.

That's YouTube in a nutshell, but it still makes for a fairly entertaining video. We're sure you recognise all of the famous faces we've mentioned in this article too! Or not — no, you definitely do not. Prove us right in the comments below.