Monster Truck Championship PS5 PlayStation 5 1

While the PlayStation 5 release schedule may look a little light, barely a day goes by without a game announcement. Monster Truck Championship is the latest to set its sights on a next-gen launch, with the big-wheeled simulation racer running over Sony’s next-gen console from 11th March. This one launched on the PlayStation 4 last year and is technically playable through backwards compatibility, but its upgrade will run in 4K at 60 frames-per-second.

“In Monster Truck Championship, you take the wheel of one of 16 vehicles and enter five types of event,” the blurb reads. “In these championships, you will compete in 25 stadiums and circuits in various cities across the United States. Taking a realistic approach to driving rather than an arcade-game style, Monster Truck Championship gives players the chance to take part in frenzied races and pull off believable aerial and ground moves by learning the unique physics of these vehicles.”

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There’s no PS4 to PS5 upgrade available here, so if you already own the game then you’ll have to pod out again for the next-gen version. There’s no gameplay trailer just yet either, but you can check out a batch of screenshots within this article – looks nice.