Spiders, eh? They get a bit of a raw deal; a lot of people are afraid of them or just plain don't like them, and that means they're often killed rather than dealt with humanely. If you've ever smashed an arachnid with fear or bloodlust, there's a game for that: Kill It With Fire.

This daft little game has been available on PC for a while now, but it's just been announced for PlayStation 4. The premise is simple: your job is to eliminate those eight-legged devils in increasingly over-the-top ways. Taking on pest control missions, you're able to squash, burn, explode, and slice spiders with a wide variety of weapons. Flamethrowers, rocket launchers, throwing stars, pistols, frying pans, molotov cocktails — anything goes in your quest to find and kill those little blighters. Check out the mayhem in the above video.

According to the game's website, it features eight species of spider, a fire simulation system, optional objectives to complete, and hidden upgrades to find. It's a mad game, but if you're looking for a way to let off some steam, this might be just the ticket. It's out on PS4 on 4th March 2021.

Will you be taking it all out on the spiders in Kill It With Fire? Scurry into the comments section below.

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