Final Fantasy VII Remake 2 Director

Final Fantasy VII Remake had three directors: Tetsuya Nomura, Motomu Toriyama, and Naoki Hamaguchi. Needless to say, it was a demanding project — one that had to try and please fans of the original Final Fantasy VII and newcomers alike — but we like to think that the development team pulled it off, for the most part.

However, news has broke that Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 — now in development — will have just one director: Naoki Hamaguchi. A quick recap: Hamaguchi has worked on the Final Fantasy series since Final Fantasy XII, but he wasn't placed in the role of a director until Remake. Being the sole director on Part 2 is quite the step up in terms of responsibility, then.

This info comes directly from Nomura himself, who recently spoke to Famitsu (as translated by Gematsu). He said: "Since we were able to solidify the base gameplay in the first part of Final Fantasy VII Remake and are able to see what we need to improve upon in the future, Naoki Hamaguchi will be entrusted as the director on the next part, while I’ll be involved as the creative director on all things Final Fantasy VII, including the Remake and mobile titles. My basic involvement in the work won’t significantly change, so please give me your continued support."

We actually interviewed Hamaguchi back in May of last year, after Remake had released. He talked at length about the title's combat system, and how the team had reworked different parts of the original game. Seemed like a nice guy!

Anyway, what do you make of this news? Do you have high hopes for Remake 2? Leave Midgar in the comments section below.

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