Fall Guys Season 3 is at the midway point, and as promised, a new update has hit the game to keep things ticking along. The mid-season update is available right now on PlayStation 4, weighing in at just over 2GB. So, what does this update add?

A fair bit, as it happens. First and foremost, a new level has been added into the mix. It's called Snowball Survival, and combines fragile floor tiles with giant snowballs to knock you into the abyss. Then there's the Fall Feed, a new feature that keeps you informed of how a match is progressing.

Additionally, more than 40 new level variants give existing stages a bit of unpredictability, and of course, there are new costumes to unlock and shows (playlists) to play. Finally, there are lots of bug fixes and general improvements, meaning that your Fall Guys experience is smoother than ever.

Will you be jumping back into Fall Guys to check out the mid-season update? Stumble into the comments section below.

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