Destruction AllStars PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Those of you who have already downloaded and played Destruction AllStars may have noticed a ‘Coming Soon’ window where the title’s Daily and Weekly Challenges are supposed to be. We’d assumed that developer Lucid Games was still busy beavering away on that feature, but we weren’t expecting them to be rolled out so quickly.

Rolled out they have, however. Writing on Twitter, the UK studio has announced that the Daily and Weekly Challenges are now live. “You can complete these challenges for XP to help boost your AllStar Level and earn AllStar Coins as you level up,” the studio said. It’s unclear why these weren’t primed for the game’s release yesterday, but perhaps the studio wanted to see how its servers fared first before rolling them out.

If you’ve already got the game loaded then you’ll need to reboot to see them, but there’s no need to download a patch or anything like that. Will you be trying to tick some of these challenges off tonight? Launch your Breaker in the comments section below.