Derren Brown is here to talk to us about dreams. No, not that PlayStation 4 game you've all already forgotten about ā€” actual dreams you have whilst asleep. The illusionist turned marketing man features in a new trailer for next week's Little Nightmares II, which is a pretty darn good fit if we do say so ourselves. He's here to explain what happens to our brains once we fall asleep in between gameplay clips of a title we're quietly looking forward to getting our hands on from 11th February 2021.

And, well, it all looks pretty creepy. That sequence in the school with the teacher's head slithering around like a snake looks the most impressive, but let's see what the full game has in store for us first. Don't forget that if you want a taster of the bumps and scares Tarsier Studios has in store for us, a demo is still available on the PlayStation Store. The game will launch on PS4 next week, with a full PlayStation 5 version planned for later this year.