Crash Bandicoot was brought back in a major way on PlayStation 4, to the point that Activision felt confident enough to give him a completely new game. With Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time, developer Toys for Bob took the franchise back to its roots while rejuvenating it with a fresh art style and fun new gameplay. It also released mere weeks before the arrival of next-gen, leaving many to wonder if it would make the jump. Well, wonder no more: Crash 4 is indeed coming to PS5.

Yes, the game is being developed for Sony's new console, and it'll come packing all the buzzwords you'd expect. As outlined in our interview with Toys for Bob's Lou Studdert, the PS5 version of Crash 4 runs at a glorious 4K resolution with 60 frames-per-second performance. Additionally, it'll allow you to transfer your save file from PS4 to PS5, meaning you won't need to start your quest for 106 per cent completion all over again.

What's more, the PS5 upgrade includes support for 3D audio, the Activity Cards system, and of course the DualSense controller, with an emphasis on the adaptive triggers. Oh, and the game's load times, which could get pretty lengthy on PS4, will be greatly reduced thanks to that SSD.

The best part is that this is all being offered to existing owners of the game as a free upgrade. If you own Crash 4 on PS4, you'll be entitled to the PS5 version for no extra cost. We don't even have that long to wait, either; the game arrives on PS5 on 12th March 2021.

Will you be checking out Crash 4's PS5 upgrade next month? Grab your wumpas in the comments section below.

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