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CD Projekt RED delayed a crucial Cyberpunk 2077 patch yesterday, explaining that it’ll no longer release in February, and is targeting a mid-March release window instead. The Polish developer had previously pledged that the pivotal update would massively improve the sci-fi RPG, after its initial release was so disastrous Sony removed it from the PlayStation Store. It’s been missing from the platform holder’s storefront for over two months now.

As it turns out, some developers working on the game from home have been unable to make progress recently, as they’ve been locked out of their workstations following a cyber-attack. Bloomberg reports that some staffers have been unable to login to the company’s virtual private network for weeks, meaning that they don’t have access to the tools they need to do their job. Others had to send their computers to CD Projekt RED’s IT team in order to check for malware.

Worse still, it sounds like the hack may have exposed personal information, including passport details. All in all, it’s not been the best three or so months for the studio – let’s hope that the fallout from the cyber-attack is resolved soon, and the developer can get the game back on track.

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