Maneater PS5 PS4

If you've been enjoying this month's PS Plus title Maneater on PlayStation 5, then there's even more content on its way to keep your belly satisfied. During a Reddit AMA with developer Tripwire Interactive, it was confirmed that more DLC is planned for the shark RPG. Specific details weren't shared as art director Sean McBride remained fairly vague about the whole thing, but some sort of expansion is certainly on its way.

McBride said the following: "DLC has been confirmed! The team has been working on it for a while now. Hoping to share more information very soon." Short but certainly sweet for fans of Maneater. Elsewhere, he explains how the team discussed having a weather system for the game, but due to time constraints, it opted to focus on the time of day shifts instead. "Weather is one of those things I really wish we had the time to do properly."

What sort of DLC do you hope Maneater receives? A new area to explore, or maybe new sharks to play as? Post your requests in the comments below.