Hitman 3 PS5 PlayStation 5 1

The previous two Hitman titles are hall of famers on the PlayStation 4, but if fans had one pet peeve it was the absence of a Platinum Trophy. IO Interactive has been listening closely, and it’s added the coveted gong to Hitman 3. This has resulted in an overhaul to way the trinkets work in the new title, meaning there’s an overall reduction in pots compared to Hitman 2 – but obviously it’s going to be nice to get that silver-blue reward at the end.

The full Trophy list for the PlayStation 5 version is already live on Exophase, and it looks very achievable. You’ll need to unlock 47 (get it?) Trophies to nab the Platinum, a handful of which pertain to that old ICA Facility level again. The remainder of the gongs relate to the new levels, such as Dubai, as well as new gameplay features like the shortcuts we reported on recently. Then there are three sets of DLC Trophies pertaining to legacy content.

Overall there are 84 Trophies up for grabs, which is a truncated list compared to the 146 Trophies available in Hitman 2, but we reckon that Platinum Trophy more than makes up for it. The games out in less than 10 days now, and we can’t wait to get stuck in.

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