In the end, everything is Dark Souls. Well, not really, but the FromSoftware series really has been hugely influential. Even Hitman 3, due for release in a few short weeks, has a new feature that's prominent in those tough action RPGs.

A key aspect of the level design in From's games is the idea of shortcuts, and it's something IO Interactive is implementing in its latest assassination sandbox. As you can see in the above video from Game Informer, the new game's levels will feature shortcuts you can only unlock from one direction, meaning you'll need to explore the open areas to find them. Once you've opened up a shortcut, it will remain unlocked for future playthroughs, giving you new opportunities for your murderous missions.

It's a relatively simple addition, but it makes total sense for a game like Hitman. You'll be able to utilise these quicker routes to get to tough places far more easily, allowing you to experiment even more. Sounds good to us.

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