Star Wars

New Star Wars titles are popping up left, right, and centre right now thanks to the newly formed LucasFilm Games, and one more for the future may be some sort of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic reimagining. That is according to three reliable sources, all of which reckon the project is very much in production, but not at BioWare.

A comment made on a recent B.O.B. The Podcast episode is what brings this grand claim all together as noted Star Wars insider Bespin Bulletin said that the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic reimagining is in development but "we'll never guess" which team is marking it. This comes after a comment from Bloomberg's Jason Schreier, who said the following back in December: "Nobody's going to guess right that's for sure". And more recently, Nate Najda (manager of communications at Wushu Studios) clarified that the developer in question is "not as mysterious as you think. It's just not a household name most people are aware of". So, there's a potential new entry in the Star Wars sub-series that never released on PlayStation consoles from 15 years ago, but BioWare is not the team at the helm.

Word is this will be sort of a reimagining of the two original games that retools them to fit the current canon, but that rumour doesn't have as much backing as the claim the project simply exists. Do you hope this game exists? Share your theories in the comments below.

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