The Star Wars licence is now firmly back in the mainstream following Disney's acquisition and a new movie trilogy, and the games haven't been bad lately either. With the franchise in good shape, it seems the powers that be are preparing for the future, and that includes a new label for all software going forward. Lucasfilm Games has today been introduced, and will preface any Star Wars games from now on.

The announcement was made today on the official Star Wars website. Through new social channels, Lucasfilm Games will be a new destination for updates on future titles. The announcement also comes with a Star Wars-flavoured sizzle reel, embedded above, because why not?

Funnily enough, LucasArts was originally known as Lucasfilm Games, so this is a nod to the past as much as it is a rebranding for the future. Cool. What do you think of this? Are you excited for upcoming Star Wars games? Use the force in the comments section below.

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