Kevin Durant’s comeback from his Achilles injury may be the big story of the NBA so far this season, but for us New York Knicks fans it’s all about Taj Gibson. Unsurprisingly, however, NBA 2K21 has opted to make KD the face of its latest MyTeam season, which all starts with a Free Agency card inspired by the Brooklyn Nets small forward.

This season the ultimate Level 40 prize is a Galaxy Opal Kawhi Leonard, meanwhile there’s a new Signature Challenge inspired by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. You can grab him for free using an NBA 2K21 Locker Code, just enter KAREEM-38387-POINTS before 19th February. Heat Check cards are also making a comeback, with an additional tier in Domination for you to, er, dominate.

Outside of that, you can expect the usual roster of Tokens, Card Packs, and much more for participating in the latest season; just load up MyTeam and check out the Season Agenda for all of the latest gameplay challenges and rewards. There’s a trailer embedded above teasing the new season of content as well.