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Judging by this week’s location reveal and even its key art, Hitman 3 definitely looks more foreboding than its predecessor. That’s confirmed by Michael Vogt, the series’ main writer, who revealed in a video that the overall tone of the title now matches its plot.

“The tone of the story throughout the trilogy has always been serious and tense, whereas the game as a whole is more playful and light-hearted,” he said. “So Hitman 3 is clearly darker and more brooding than the other two chapters, which brings the game as a whole closer to the tone of the story overall.”

Vogt added that the plot is much more important at this point in the trilogy: “In Hitman 1, the story was just a background presence and I think many players didn’t even take much notice of it. And then from Hitman 2 onwards, it becomes much more front and centre. In Hitman 3 the story and the gameplay is much more intertwined, and some of the big story moments actually take place in-game.”

Are you looking forward to seeing where this story goes, or do you generally ignore the plot while playing these titles? Take down Providence in the comments section below.

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