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We already know that Agent 47 will be infiltrating a skyscraper in Dubai and a country estate in England, but what of the other locations Hitman 3 will visit? A big part of the series’ appeal is the virtual tourism aspect, and in addition to Chongqing in China, developer IO Interactive has revealed the remaining locations fans can anticipate in the title: Berlin (Germany), Mendoza (Argentina), and the Carpathian Mountains (Romania).

“Head to the outskirts of Berlin, a city known for its fairytales, vibrant style, and chaotic nightlife,” the studio’s blog post reveals. “Whether you’re looking for a place to reflect and recuperate or want to experience the dizzying adrenaline rush of an epic rave, Berlin will help you find both of those things and everything in between.”

Meanwhile, Mendoza is described as the “perfect place to take in the beautiful sights and acquired tastes of Argentina”. The studio explains: “From the sloping hills to the modern vineyards, there’s plenty of opportunity to explore.” It’s keeping a lid on Romania, though, presumably because it’s the final mission in the game. Those of you who have played Hitman 2 will know that it’s a particularly important location to the plot, and will probably have an inkling about where this is going.

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