Destruction AllStars PS5 PlayStation 5

The February PlayStation Plus lineup has been revealed, but we already knew about one of them. Destruction AllStars was promised as a freebie on the service months ago, and now, the game is just a few days away. The PS5 exclusive is a multiplayer car combat action game that looks like it could be a hoot.

But what about those Trophies, eh? The list has now made its way online via PSNProfiles, which you can view through the link. It's hard to judge how difficult the Trophy list is, because it talks about pulling off various moves, and we've no idea how tricky they'll be. However, on first appearances, getting this Platinum doesn't seem too hard.

Some are very easy of course — you'll get a set of bronze trinkets for beating various tutorials, for instance — but after that, things pick up. It all looks pretty straightforward. Essentially, you'll need to utilise all 16 characters, winning at least one match with each, and making effective use of their special abilities. For example, using Dupita's hero vehicle (seen in the recent State of Play video), you'll need to activate its Wildfire ability to set three opponents on fire at once. A lot of the Trophy list calls for similar actions with various character-specific powers. Winning 50 online matches may take a little bit of time, but again, it's hard to judge how tough that will be until we're playing.

All in all, the list seems pretty doable, but we'll have to wait and see how hard it is to get a grip on things. Based on the gameplay we've seen, things will get pretty chaotic in the arena; hopefully a lot of the Trophies will pop without you trying.

Will you be gunning for the Destruction AllStars Platinum Trophy? Spin those wheels in the comments section below.