Destruction AllStars PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Destruction AllStars was due to release as a full-price PlayStation 5 launch title, before Sony pivoted and promised the multiplayer game for PlayStation Plus members. While you will get the entire experience for free with your subscription, there is a caveat it seems: the Challenge Series – which will “provide a little bit of backstory and character motivation” according to game director Colin Berry – will be locked behind a premium currency called Destruction Points.

So, what does this mean? Well, as previously announced, the title has two currencies: AllStar Coins and Destruction Points. The former you’ll be able to earn by playing online, while the latter can be purchased from the PlayStation Store. Both can be used on cosmetics, which the developer stresses are for “personal expression only” and will “not gain you any competitive advantage”.

However, it does seem like there’s a little more to Destruction Points than it first appears. The game’s Challenge Series, which looks to be a little like a traditional arcade fighting game ladder, will “focus on one AllStar and their rival”. But to play these you’ll need to “buy in” using the aforementioned Destruction Points, meaning you effectively have to pay to play them.

Berry explains: “They provide a little bit of backstory and character motivation as well as plenty of heated action. In each challenge, you’ll pit your skills against rivals in [the title’s various gameplay modes], as well as unique single player challenges. Challenges culminate in a final showdown with a rival.” Judging by the footage, it looks like there are cut-scenes, too.

Apparently, later in the year, the developer will add daily and weekly challenges, which will provide another (presumably free) method to obtain Destruction Points, although it’s unclear what the pay-out will be. None of this, of course, is all that uncommon in free-to-play or full-price titles these days, but we figured it was worth pointing out all the same.