While we think the PlayStation 5 looks pretty spiffy with its white casing, there's very much a desire among fans for a black design. Many fans have taken matters into their own hands, customising their PS5s by painting the removable panels. What if you want something more professional, though? Your options are growing.

One company, SUP3R5, has created a PS2-inspired black PS5 design. It sports solid black panels, a coloured PlayStation logo beside the power button, and a small blue plaque indicating the machine's number. Indeed, these custom PS5s will be a limited run, with only 304 being made. Each of them will come with a similarly styled DualSense controller; it's also fully black and has the coloured PS and face buttons. An additional 500 of these controllers will be available separately.

So, how do you get your hands on one of these? Well, pre-orders are due to go live on 8th January at 3pm EST — that's 12pm PST or 8pm GMT. They're made in the USA, but can be shipped internationally, so those in Europe needn't miss out. One of the PS5 consoles will set you back $649, while a standalone DualSense controller goes for $99.

If you're really interested, you can sign up to the site and save some details so checkout is a little faster. There's no exact date for when the products will ship out, but there's a vague window of late spring 2021, which isn't too far away.

Alternatively, retailer dbrand will be selling black PS5 panels you can apply at home, which is obviously a cheaper and easier option if you already own the console.

What do you make of these special black PS5 consoles and controllers? Will you be aiming to nab one later this week? Get that refresh button ready in the comments section below.

[source sup3r5.com, via videogameschronicle.com]