Control PS5 PlayStation 5 505 Games Remedy

What should have been a public relations slam-dunk for Control publisher 505 Games is already turning sour, as fans ponder why they were encouraged to purchase the Ultimate Edition if it’s being given away day-and-date with PlayStation Plus next month.

You may recall a big brouhaha when the next-gen upgrade was announced, as it was only pledged to owners of the aforementioned Ultimate Edition. After a substantial backlash, a statement was released explaining that “as we are only doing additional development on Control: Ultimate Edition on the next-gen platforms, we are unfortunately unable to offer an upgrade path to all existing Control players”.

As you can imagine, this went down about as well as an ethically ambiguous science project at a shady, secretive organisation, but some fans had started to accept the news. As a result, when the PlayStation 5 version of the game was pushed into 2021, some decided to pick up the Ultimate Edition as part of a recent PS Store sale in preparation for the PS5 version’s 2nd February release.

That decision has now, of course, backfired as the title will be made available for free to PS Plus subscribers on both PS5 and PS4 day-and-date with its next-gen digital release. Presumably, publisher 505 Games thought this would stem the stream of bad publicity it’s received for its previous decisions – but it’s ended up making its most engaged fans even more irate.

It’s possible some may be able to receive a refund from Sony’s customer service, especially if you haven’t downloaded Control: Ultimate Edition yet. Otherwise, you may just have to put this down to bad luck.