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  • Guide Which SSD Drives Will Be Compatible With PS5?

    Extend your storage with a PlayStation 5 Solid-State Drive

    Which SSD drives are compatible with PS5? Sony has confirmed that they will allow you to upgrade your PlayStation 5's included 825GB capacity (See Also: PS5 SSD: How Much Storage Space Does It Have?) by purchasing compatible NVMe SSD drives. However, due to the nature of PS5 you'll need to...

  • Guide Fall Guys: All Rounds and How to Win Every Game Type

    How to qualify in every Fall Guys minigame

    How do you win every round in Fall Guys on PS4? What are some strategies for each Fall Guys minigame? To win those crowns in Fall Guys, you'll need to know how to succeed in every round type. There are lots of rounds to play, and some are easier than others. With this Fall Guys guide, we'll tell you about...

  • News Western Digital Reveals First PS5 Compatible SSD

    500GB, 1TB, and 2TB options

    And just like that, the very first PlayStation 5 compatible has been announced. While there have been murmurings about Samsung drives, Western Digital has marked its SN850 as compatible with Sony’s next-gen console on a promotional pamphlet. The Japanese giant’s yet to officially publish a whitelist of compatible...

  • Guide PS5 SSD: How Much Storage Space Does It Have?

    Space invaders

    How much storage space does PS5's SSD have? With all games requiring an install and many choosing to purchase software through the PlayStation Store, you may be wondering how much storage space there is on PS5, especially if you're planning to purchase the PS5 Digital Edition (See Also: PS5 Digital Edition vs PS5: What's the...

  • News PlayStation Trophies Update Is Going Live Right Now on PS4

    Sync to see your new level

    Yesterday, Sony announced some changes to how your PlayStation Trophy level will work going forward. The new system introduces a new set of levels going all the way up to 999, and Trophy values have been readjusted at the same time. The good news is that this update to Trophies is coming online right now in all regions...

  • Poll What's Your New PlayStation Trophy Level?

    Level up

    Sony’s made the first meaningful change to Trophies since the system was introduced on the PlayStation 3, altering the way level progress is calculated in order to make it feel more rewarding. Previously, you could spend months – sometimes even years – on the same level, but now the math has been altered in order to give you a greater...

  • News World Record Trophy Hunter Hakoom Has Hit Level 999 Already

    Keeping his crown

    There’s no real surprise here, but renowned Trophy hunter Hakoom has already hit the new PlayStation Trophy level cap of 999, meaning he’s one of a select few sitting in the Platinum tier. The veteran – who has 2,687 Platinum Trophies at the time of typing, and earns around 1,000 Trophies every month – is no stranger to...

  • Guide Fall Guys: Season 2 - All Rewards and End Date

    All unlocks in Fall Guys Season 2

    What are all the rewards in Fall Guys Season 2? What is Season Two's end date, and how much Fame do you need? In this Fall Guys guide, we're going to outline every unlock you can earn in Season 2. For more general questions about the game, check out this guide: Fall Guys: FAQ - Everything You Need to Know. When...

  • News Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate Comes to PS5 Next Month, PS4 Owners Get Free Upgrade

    Plus three new characters

    Mortal Kombat 11 is about to get even bigger and better on PlayStation 5 as a next-generation version announced today by Warner Bros will bring with it three new characters. Kombat Pack 2 includes Mileena, Rain, and the classic Rambo voiced by Sylvester Stallone himself. This new character bundle launches on 17th November...

  • Interview What Does a Professional Trophy Hunter Think of the New Levelling System?

    "I'm genuinely excited for this"

    If it hasn't already done so, your PlayStation Trophy level is about to dramatically increase. That's because Sony is deploying an update to the ranking system that sees the former maximum grade of 100 escalate to 999. New Trophy icons will be associated with them and your original level will be modified to fit the...

  • News Fall Guys Season 2 Has Begun on PS4

    Let's get ready to stumble

    The latest patch for Fall Guys is ready to download right now on PlayStation 4. The game update takes the popular multiplayer platformer to version 1.09. It's just over 3GB in size, so it's a relatively substantial update to the indie hit. So, what does this new patch do? It prepares the game for Season 2, of course,...

  • News Final Fantasy 16 Basic Development and Scenario Production Is Complete

    2021 release?

    There's lots of rumours and speculation doing the rounds that the development of Final Fantasy XVI might be a lot further along than one would assume. Bloomberg's Jason Schreier has said that the game is releasing "sooner than people think" after a production cycle that started at least four years ago, and this latest revelation throws...

  • News Greek Freak Giannis Antetokounmpo Coming to Madden NFL 21

    Bucks basketball star joining the Yard

    Update: It's not just Giannis who's joining Madden NFL 21, but also his brothers Thanasis and Kostas – all three of whom are professional basketball players. They're available in the Yard now! Original Story: EA Sports sure is enjoying is bizarre crossover events this year. Hot on the heels of boxer Anthony...

  • News For Honor Is Heading to PS5 with Free Upgrade

    Next-gen battles

    For Honor is joining the now-lengthy list of PlayStation 4 titles making the jump to PS5. Publisher Ubisoft has announced that the popular medieval combat game is heading to next-gen systems in time for launch with a free update. Those with a shiny new PS5 will be able to carry over their For Honor profiles from PS4, "including all...

  • News Bugsnax Confirmed to Be a PS5 Launch Game

    The biggest title of the lot

    Please forget about Demon's Souls and Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales because the biggest PlayStation 5 game of them all has just been confirmed for launch day. Yes, Bugsnax is a PS5 launch title! The confirmation comes by way of a new YouTube video detailing the voice cast, which at the end sports a lovely little...

  • News Haven Looks Lovely in Brand New PS5 Gameplay Trailer

    Furi devs detail gameplay

    We're all rather taken with Haven, the next game from Furi developer, The Game Bakers. Coming to both PlayStation 5 and PS4, it's an RPG that focuses on the relationship of a couple as they explore an alien world. It has a unique combination of gameplay elements, and they're all present in this new trailer. You'll explore...

  • News Don't Expect Star Wars: Squadrons to Get Any Post-Launch Content

    A self-contained game

    Star Wars: Squadrons hasn't exactly launched with a whole lot of multiplayer content, and that situation isn't going to get any better in the future. While it did release at a reduced $40 price point, EA Motive has basically ruled out any significant post-launch support of any kind. There probably will be patches for bugs and...

  • News Outriders PS5, PS4 Release Pushed to February 2021

    Free upgrade and cross-play support

    After originally targetting a release before the end of this year, Square Enix's Outriders will now launch on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on 2nd February 2021. You will be able to upgrade from the PS4 version to the PS5 edition free of charge and full cross-play support ensures you can play with users on Xbox...

  • News Worms Rumble Brings Real Time Mayhem to PS5, PS4 in December, Open Beta Announced


    Ever wondered what a real time version of Worms would be like? You won't have to wait long to find out, as Worms Rumble is heading to both PlayStation 5 and PS4 on 1st December. Announced earlier this year, the upcoming entry in the long-running series ditches turn based strategy in favour of active multiplayer bouts. See it in action in...

  • News Cyberpunk 2077 Night City Wire Episode 4 Airs Later This Month

    Focusing on vehicles

    Are you hyped for Cyberpunk 2077? The game is set to launch on 19th November, and CD Projekt Red has been building enthusiasm for the RPG with its Night City Wire series. The videos have been providing fresh gameplay footage and deep dives on some of the game's systems, and there's another one just around the corner. Night City...

Wednesday7th Oct 2020

  • Guide All PS5, PS4 Games with Cross-Play

    Making friends

    Which PS5 and PS4 games support cross-play with rival consoles Xbox One and Nintendo Switch? Sony was under fire for a long time regarding its reluctance to support cross-play, but following an open beta featuring a handful of tentpole titles, the company now allows developers to support the oft-requested feature without any...

  • Guide New PS5 Game Release Dates in 2020

    All 2020's upcoming PlayStation 5 launch dates

    What new PS5 game release dates are due in 2020? The PlayStation 5's first year on the market will see a limited selection of software hit store shelves, but we'll be keeping you updated with a full list of every upcoming PS5 game on this page. For more information, refer to our PS5 guide, or check out...

  • News PlayStation Trophy System to Be Updated Today on PS4, Also Coming to PS5

    New structure and icons

    We love Trophies here at Push Square and so any sort of update to the system is going to be met with great interest around these parts. Starting today in the US and tomorrow across Europe, Sony will be updating the Trophy system to extend its level system all the way up to 999 and updating the icons associated with each type...

  • News PS5's Dust Catchers Will Make for Easy Cleaning

    In a vacuum

    There are a lot of thoughtful design flourishes to the PlayStation 5’s hardware, but the dust catchers are an ingenious idea. Situated behind the primary faceplate, you simply need to detach the outer layer to locate two holes. These can then be easily vacuumed out to keep the console

  • News NBA 2K21 on PS4 Is a Great Looking Game, But This PS5 Comparison Is Insane

    A generational jump

    If you’d have asked us yesterday, we’d have told you that NBA 2K21 on the PlayStation 4 is a great looking game. Seriously, it’s one of the better-looking sports games on current-gen consoles, rivalling MLB The Show 20 with realistic player models, broadcast-style presentation flourishes, and reasonably reactive sidelines...

  • Guide PS5 Smart Delivery: Does PlayStation 5 Have Smart Delivery for PS4 Games?

    Can you upgrade your PS4 titles like Xbox Series X?

    Does PS5 have Smart Delivery for PS4 games? Microsoft has announced a scheme which allows you to upgrade software purchased for the Xbox One to Xbox Series X at no added charge. It’s effectively a form of cross-buy: purchase supported titles for one system, and you can play the next-gen version...

  • News PS5 Teardown Video Gets Up Close and Personal with the Console

    Ports, stand, and faceplates detailed

    Here's one of the things we've been waiting for: Sony has today shared a new video that details anything and everything there is to know about the upcoming PlayStation 5 console. It's the teardown video we've heard about for months now, detailing the ports on the front and back of the system, how the PS5 stand...

  • News PS5 Stand Solution Is Seriously Nifty

    Keeping the screw safe

    You'll be able to place the PlayStation 5 both vertically and horizontally straight out of the box, and the solution is a really cool one no matter which way you go. If you decide to place the console vertically, there's a screw that can be used to secure it in place, fully attaching the system to the stand itself. This isn't...

  • News PS5's Crazy Cooling Solution Should Make for One Quiet Console

    Cool beans

    PlayStation 5 is huge in size, but now that we've seen what makes the machine tick, it's easier to understand why. As shown off by Sony's Masayasu Ito in the teardown video, a massive part of PS5's design is to ensure it's kept cool and that it runs as quietly as possible.

  • News First Mafia: Definitive Edition Update Adds Noir Mode

    HUD options, bug fixes too

    Following on from its release last month, Mafia: Definitive Edition receives its first update on PlayStation 4 today. The patch adds a new Noir Mode that overhauls gameplay and cutscenes with a visual style ripped straight out of 1930s cinema, more content for Free Ride, custom HUD options, and bug fixes. The biggest...

  • News PS5 Trophies Will Come with Progress Tracking

    The requested feature finally arrives

    Update #2: Alright, this PS5 Trophy progress tracking feature is absolutely a thing. A new wave of emails have been sent out by PlayStation itself detailing today's general updates, and at the bottom, the Japanese giant touches on it. The email reads: "Just how close are you to earning that rare Gold Trophy?...

  • Guide Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War PS4 Beta: Launch Times, Pre-Load, What's Included, and Rewards

    Everything you need to know

    What time does the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War beta start? When can you pre-load the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War beta? What's included in the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War beta? After a recent PlayStation 4 alpha test gave players their first taste of what Treyarch is cooking up for the latest entry in the...

  • News Not All Your FIFA 21 Progress Will Transfer from PS4 to PS5

    Ultimate Team and Volta will, though

    If you’re planning to begin your pursuit of promoting your local team to the Premier League in FIFA 21 this week, then you may want to pause before investing too much effort. In an FAQ on its official website, EA Sports has announced that not all your progress will transfer from the PlayStation 4 to the...

  • News PS5's Removable Panels Could Suggest a Highly Customisable Console

    Next-gen customisation?

    The PlayStation 5 just received a complete teardown from Sony, finally giving us an official look at the inner workings of the next-gen console. It's a fascinating video, but one aspect of PS5's design shouldn't go ignored: those big, white side panels. As is demonstrated in the teardown, the curved outer shell of the console...

  • Guide All PS5 Rumoured Games

    Every rumoured PlayStation 5 title

    What are all PS5 rumoured games to date? It's all well and good knowing All PS5 Announced Games, but you may be eager to learn about some speculative PlayStation 5 software, too. As part of our PS5 guide, we'll be listing all rumoured PS5 games on this page. If you're looking for more specific information, you can...

  • News Spider-Man: Miles Morales Marks Hispanic Heritage Month with New Screenshot

    Selfie time

    Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales has been doing wonders as of late for representing the Hispanic and Puerto Rican community. In the recent PlayStation 5 gameplay demo, the Puerto Rico flag featured prominently and the bustling market afterwards touched on the country's culture and dishes. It was an important moment for many and the...

  • News This Fan-Made Spider-Man PS5 Could Pass for the Real Thing

    Miles better

    As far as fan-made renders go, they don’t get much more professional than this. Giuseppe Spinelli – who made a bit of a name for himself earlier in the year coming up with some incredible PlayStation 5 hardware renders – has dreamed up a hypothetical Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales console, and his promotional trailer is so...

  • News This Is What PS5 Looks Like without Its Clothes


    Sony has revealed what the PlayStation 5 looks like without its clothes. As part of a teardown video, which details the electronic make-up of the next-gen console, we can see all of its components neatly laid out on a pristine white table. This includes its 120mm fan, system on a chip, Ultra HD Blu-ray drive, heat sink, and more. Despite...

  • News Outriders Release Date Reveal Planned for Tomorrow

    Now we play the waiting game

    Outriders, the new looter shooter from Square Enix destined for both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, will confirm its release date tomorrow. A new video has popped up on the game's official YouTube channel that is set to premiere at 5pm BST / 9am PT on Thursday 8th October 2020, titled "Release Date Announce". So yeah,...

  • News Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Art Book Teases New Suit, Prequel Novel Incoming

    Wings of Fury

    Here’s your first look at a brand-new suit for Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, showing the titular hero with compression tights, shorts, a hoodie, Puffa jacket, and Air Jordans. While it’s not quite the same, it is similar to the character’s outfit in the popular movie, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. It’s featured on...

  • News London's Burning in Watch Dogs Legion Story Trailer

    'Ey up

    Watch Dogs Legion allows you to play as Roger Moore-style 007 superspy and grandma with a walking frame, so its plot was always going to err on the corny side. This new story trailer confirms as much, as you’ll be up against nefarious security groups and virtual vigilantes. Watch Dogs 2 hit a nice balance with its plot, so we’re hoping...

  • News Concrete Genie Dev Hiring for 'New and Exciting' PS5 Adventure

    Genie in a bottle

    PixelOpus is one of PlayStation’s more creative first-party teams, with the studio’s relatively recent Concrete Genie being a particular standout on the PlayStation 4. And it looks like it’s gearing up for a new next-gen project, with creative director Dominic Robilliard revealing on LinkedIn that the developer is expanding...

  • News Dreams Update 2.18 Available Now, Enhances Music Making with New Instruments and More

    Here's all the patch notes

    It's been a while since the last major update to Dreams, but Media Molecule is of course still plugging away at its make-'em-up PlayStation 4 title. The latest patch brings the game to version 2.18, and it's all about music. The major additions in this update consist of a huge range of new instruments to toy with when...

Tuesday6th Oct 2020

  • Guide All PlayStation Now Games

    A complete list of every PS Now game

    What's the full list of all PlayStation Now games? Below you'll find the complete lineup of every PS Now game available to subscribers, spanning both PS4 and PS3 software. Remember that PlayStation 4 titles can be streamed or downloaded to the console, while PlayStation 3 titles can only be streamed. If you're...

  • News PS Now October 2020 Update Adds Days Gone, MediEvil, and Much More

    Friday the 13th and Trine 4 too

    Update: The PlayStation Blog has now confirmed the latest additions to the PS Now service for the month of October 2020, and they're slightly different to what was originally reported. You'll be getting Days Gone, MediEvil, Friday the 13th: The Game,

  • News PS Plus October PS4 Games Available to Download Now

    Out for blood

    Not every month can bring with it a stellar line-up of PlayStation Plus titles, and October 2020's selection very much feels like one that will be forgotten about before too long. PS Plus subscribers can get their hands on Need for Speed Payback and Vampyr this month at no extra cost. As is tradition, we put the two PlayStation 4 games...

  • News PS5 Could Lose Out on Upgraded Versions of Past Bethesda Games

    ESRB ratings indicate so

    You'll know by now that Microsoft has acquired Zenimax Media and all the developers it owns, including the likes of Arkane Studios, Machine Games, and id Software. This throws into question whether or not the likes of Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI will come to PlayStation 5, but there now may be a few other releases...

  • Review Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time - Madcap Marsupial's Return Is N. Sanely Good

    Positive spin

    After Naughty Dog parted ways with Crash Bandicoot, it's fair to say the quality of subsequent games has been inconsistent. However, Activision finally did right by the mascot marsupial with the N. Sane Trilogy, a remake of the first three titles in the series. It was a massive success, bringing the character back into the mainstream...

  • News This Is How NBA 2K21 Looks on PS5


    2K Sports has released the first footage of NBA 2K21 gameplay, running on the PlayStation 5. While this is a heavily edited trailer showing cinematic camera angles, it’s a clear jump compared to the current-gen version. For starts, the character models are wildly detailed, with Steph Curry in particular looking photo-realistic here. Here's a...

  • News For the Price of One PS5 Game, You Could Get All These Top Titles from the PS Store

    Cheap as chips

    Game prices are increasing with the PlayStation 5, but this hobby is simultaneously more affordable than it’s ever been. Sony’s done a great job driving costs down on the PlayStation Store all generation, and you can pick up some killer deals assuming you’re willing to wait. To illustrate just how much value you can get...

  • News PS5's 3D Audio Will Almost Certainly Work with Your Existing Headphones

    Virtual 3D audio for TV speakers coming after launch

    One of the big features that Sony’s promoting with PlayStation 5 is its inclusion of 3D audio, and in a new PlayStation Blog post it’s confirmed that you won’t need any additional hardware to take advantage of the feature. While the platform holder is peddling its new P

  • News More PS5 Launch Games Will Arrive a Week Before the UK Console Release

    Applies to exclusives

    Assassin's Creed Valhalla is no longer the only PlayStation 5 title you'll be able to purchase a week before the next-gen console launches in the UK. Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, and Destruction AllStars have all had their PS5 release dates brought forward to the 12th November 2020 on

  • News Looks Like Crash Bandicoot 4 Could Be Spinning Onto PS5

    Next-gen ESRB listing spotted

    Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time has only recently released for PlayStation 4, but the ESRB has seemingly just revealed that a next-gen version is in the works. Over on the organisation's website, a listing for Crash 4 on Xbox Series X has been discovered, suggesting a souped up port is heading to Microsoft's...

  • News Sony Expects PS5 to Outsell PS4's First Fiscal Year

    Sell out

    Sony is banking on some big PlayStation 5 sales in its first few months on the market, as it aims to beat the PlayStation 4’s first fiscal year. The company’s current-gen console sold seven million units from its launch in November 2013 through the end of March 2014, but we know from past reports that the manufacturer may be planning to...

  • News PS5 Pack-In Game Astro's Playroom Is 'Four to Five Hours' Long

    More than a tech demo

    If you thought the Astro's Playroom experience on PlayStation 5 would be over within an hour, you might want to think again. As part of an interview with Famitsu, Nicolas Doucet has revealed that the free title pre-installed onto every single PS5 console will take about "four to five hours to play". Four different and varied...

  • Guide Vampyr: How to Unlock All Endings

    How to get the best ending in Vampyr

    How do you unlock all endings in Vampyr? How do you get the best ending in Vampyr? Given that DONTNOD Entertainment's PS Plus title is an RPG, the choices and decisions you make will have an impact on both the story and world around you. In this Vampyr guide, we're going to reveal how to unlock all endings in the...

  • Guide Vampyr: Tips, Tricks, and All Collectibles

    Your ultimate Vampyr resource

    Vampyr is a PlayStation 4 game released in June 2018 by developer DONTNOD Entertainment. Best known for the Life Is Strange series, this is a new IP that has just hit PS Plus as one of October 2020's free PS4 titles. We awarded the game a 6/10 in our Vampyr PS4 review, describing it as an experience with "a ton of...

  • News Watch Dogs Legion Adds Mammoth Online Multiplayer Modes Post-Launch

    And an Assassin's Creed crossover with its Season Pass

    Watch Dogs Legion will launch first on the PlayStation 4 later this month, and then it’ll be available as a free PS4-to-PS5 upgrade on Sony’s next-gen console a little later in the year. But the Ubisoft open world’s roadmap doesn’t end there, as the French firm has pulled back the...

  • News Minecraft Will Become the GOAT Next Summer with Goats


    Ever wondered what’s new in the world of Minecraft? Quite a lot, it turns out. Speaking over the weekend as part of fan convention Minecraft Live 2020, developer Mojang announced a gigantic Caves & Cliffs update for the iconic craft-‘em-up, which is set to release next summer. This is an absolutely gigantic expansion, hence the hefty...

  • News Yakuza: Like a Dragon Looks Positively Barmy in New Trailer


    Either Yakuza: Like a Dragon is poised to become the best game ever made, or the person cutting its trailers is a genius. Whatever the case, you’ve got to watch this trailer for the upcoming PlayStation 5 action role-playing game – it’s bonkers! This video showcases many of the minigames you’ll encounter during your quest, some of...

  • Guide Vampyr: How Long Does It Take to Beat?

    How many hours does Vampyr take to beat?

    How long does it take to beat Vampyr? How many hours does Vampyr take to beat? Time is a precious commodity at the moment, especially when you take into consideration the amount of PlayStation 4 games releasing towards the end of this year and the eventual arrival of PlayStation 5. Therefore, you might be...

  • News Planet Coaster: Console Edition Will Offer a Free PS5 Upgrade

    Both physical and digital versions

    Here's another for the list: Planet Coaster: Console Edition will be offering a free PlayStation 5 upgrade to those who purchase the game on PlayStation 4. This will be available for both the physical and digital versions of the title, with the experience optimised for next-gen hardware when it launches before the...

  • Feature Best PS4 Music of September 2020

    Another corker

    What’s one more month but another excuse to talk about game music? And in what’s becoming one of the only happy trends of 2020, we have another month absolutely crammed full of great game music! This is a particularly unique month in that we have three games to talk about, each of which has released in some form before these...

  • Guide Vampyr: All Melee Weapons Locations

    The Tools of the Profession Trophy guide

    How do you find all the Melee Weapons in Vampyr? Melee Weapons are the tools you will use to take down and eliminate the monsters haunting 1918's London. They are fairly easy to spot, but you will have to work a little harder to obtain some of them. There are a total of 20 Melee Weapons to discover. In this...

  • Guide Vampyr: Chapter 6 - All Collectibles and Weapon Locations

    Thirst satisfied

    Where do you find all Collectibles and Weapons in Chapter 6 of Vampyr? In this section, we continue our search for blood. There are 11 collectibles and 26 weapons to discover. As part of our Vampyr guide, we're going to reveal the locations of all Collectibles and Weapons in Chapter 6, in the order that you'll find them. Th

  • Guide Vampyr: Chapter 1 - All Collectibles and Weapon Locations

    Quench your thirst

    Where do you find all Collectibles and Weapons in Chapter 1 of Vampyr? In this section, we meet the residents of Pembroke Hospital. There are 2 collectibles and 5 weapons to discover. As part of our Vampyr guide, we're going to reveal the locations of all Collectibles and Weapons in Chapter 1, in the order that you'll find them.

  • Guide Vampyr: Chapter 2 - All Collectibles and Weapon Locations

    Blood red wine

    Where do you find all Collectibles and Weapons in Chapter 2 of Vampyr? In this section, we continue our search for blood. There are 5 collectibles and 4 weapons to discover. As part of our Vampyr guide, we're going to reveal the locations of all Collectibles and Weapons in Chapter 2, in the order that you'll find them.

  • Guide Vampyr: All Collectibles Locations

    Lore Keeper Trophy guide

    How do you find all the Collectibles in Vampyr? Collectibles are documents, notes, and diaries you can find throughout London that detail the backstory and lore of the world. They are fairly easy to spot, but you will have to work a little harder to obtain some of them. There are a total of 30 Collectibles to discover. In...

  • Guide Vampyr: Chapter 3 - All Collectibles and Weapon Locations

    Soaked in blood

    Where do you find all Collectibles and Weapons in Chapter 3 of Vampyr? In this section, we continue our search for blood. There are 2 collectibles and 2 weapons to discover. As part of our Vampyr guide, we're going to reveal the locations of all Collectibles and Weapons in Chapter 3, in the order that you'll find them.

  • Guide Vampyr: How to Turn All Districts to Hostile Status

    London's Burning Trophy guide

    How do you turn all districts to hostile status in Vampyr? There are four different districts to 1918's London that you can have an impact on through your choices and actions, and turning them all to hostile status will unlock the London's Burning Trophy. In this Vampyr guide, we're going to reveal how to turn all...

  • Guide Vampyr: How to Save This Poor Plant with Water

    Unlife Is Strange Trophy guide

    How do you save this poor plant with water in Vampyr? Inside your office at Pembroke Hospital is a plant you can water and save from dying, and doing so will unlock the Unlife Is Strange Trophy. In this Vampyr guide, we're going to reveal how to save this poor plant with water. Vampyr: How to Save This Poor Plant with...

  • Guide Vampyr: Prologue - All Collectibles and Weapon Locations

    Your first taste of blood

    Where do you find all Collectibles and Weapons in the Prologue chapter of Vampyr? In this section, we are introduced to 1918's London and protagonist Jonathon Reid. There is 1 collectible and 2 weapons to discover. As part of our Vampyr guide, we're going to reveal the locations of all Collectibles and Weapons in the...

  • Guide Vampyr: Chapter 4 - All Collectibles and Weapon Locations

    Blood sucker

    Where do you find all Collectibles and Weapons in Chapter 4 of Vampyr? In this section, we continue our search for blood. There are 6 collectibles and 3 weapons to discover. As part of our Vampyr guide, we're going to reveal the locations of all Collectibles and Weapons in Chapter 4, in the order that you'll find them.

  • Guide Vampyr: Chapter 5 - All Collectibles and Weapon Locations

    Almost done

    Where do you find all Collectibles and Weapons in Chapter 5 of Vampyr? In this section, we continue our search for blood. There are 3 collectibles and 2 weapons to discover. As part of our Vampyr guide, we're going to reveal the locations of all Collectibles and Weapons in Chapter 5, in the order that you'll find them.

  • Guide Vampyr: All Ranged Weapons Locations

    Keep Your Distance Trophy guide

    How do you find all the Ranged Weapons in Vampyr? Ranged Weapons are the tools you will use to take down and eliminate the monsters haunting 1918's London at a distance. They are fairly easy to spot, but you will have to work a little harder to obtain some of them. There are a total of 11 Ranged Weapons to discover...

  • Guide Vampyr: All Off-Hand Weapons Locations

    Weapons of Choice Trophy guide

    How do you find all the Off-Hand Weapons in Vampyr? Off-Hand Weapons are the tools you will use to take down and eliminate the monsters haunting 1918's London. They are fairly easy to spot, but you will have to work a little harder to obtain some of them. There are a total of 13 Off-Hand Weapons to discover. In this...

Monday5th Oct 2020