Freddy Spaghetti PS4 PS5

Trophy hunters will already be familiar with the work of Ratalaika Games, no doubt. The port house has built a pretty compelling business model out of converting small indie titles to Sony’s platforms and populating them with relatively easy Platinum Trophies. While not every single one of its published titles is easy, the vast majority are, which is good news for those looking to fill their virtual cabinets with Sony silverware.

For the longest time, fans could double up on these easily obtainable pots, as the company would release them as cross-buy between the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. But changes to the European ratings board ruled out any further handheld ports earlier in the year, meaning most recent Ratalaika Games releases have been on the PS4 only.

However, now the firm’s managed to get its hands on a PS5 development kit, and so the cross-buy fun can continue. It recently released a PS5 port of Destruction Derby-esque combat racer Concept Destruction, and now it’s followed up with physics puzzler Freddy Spaghetti. To be honest, we’re not sure what to make of the title’s trailer, but we bet you can pop its Platinum in under an hour.

Anyway, we imagine more Ratalaika Games published titles will release on the PS5 in the near-future, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing! While not every title it ports is an instant classic, we’ve had fun with a fair number of them, and they’re always priced appropriately on the PS Store. Oh, and those easy to obtain Platinums are always nice, aren’t they?