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We posted recently about how the PS Vita remains relevant in 2020 against all odds, but support from one of the handheld’s most prominent publishers is in jeopardy. Ratalaika revealed today that changes to European ratings board PEGI’s system could result in significantly higher fees for its titles, meaning they will “lose money” moving forwards.

The alterations will see classifications for the firm's output increase from €250 to around €1,450, which is an enormous jump. The publisher notes that Guard Duty is the only PS Vita release it’s paid more than €250 to get rated thus far, and this is because it’s available in physical form, too. “We're unsure what we will do from now,” it concluded.

Of course, PS Vita has a very vocal fanbase, and many have already suggested crowdfunding platforms, including Patreon, as a way to make up the monetary shortfall. With Sony having all but abandoned the handheld, however, this may mean the end is finally in sight for the underappreciated device. Alas, we’ve written that sentence a dozen times before…