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Update: PS Vita is now back online and working correctly, meaning you can once again access the PS Store to purchase and download games for the device. You can also transfer software from your PlayStation 3. It took a while to get fixed, but all's well that ends well.

Original Story: It’s flying under the radar due to the age of the console, but PlayStation Vita owners are reporting that the handheld’s PS Store is completely busted right now. In fact, this issue has been ongoing for over 24 hours, meaning fans can’t buy or download previously purchased software for the system. We’ve seen reports on Reddit and ResetEra, and can confirm that we’re also unable to download any titles to our device.

The console’s kicking out a bunch of different errors, but the most common one appears to be NP-2245-3, which states: “Could not connect to the PlayStation Network within the time limit.” Transferring files from the PlayStation 3 also doesn’t work, although intrepid fans have found a workaround in the US, which involves accessing the older version of the web-based PS Store and is working for the time being.

This is obviously concerning news, as Sony recently removed all PS3 and PS Vita games from its web-based storefront, and told fans that they must use the PS Store included with their consoles in order to purchase and download games. Obviously, with that functionality offline for over 24 hours now, it’s impossible to access digital content on the device currently. With new games still releasing, the likelihood is that this is just a bug, but let’s hope it’s resolved promptly.

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