GTA Online has showcased a little more of its biggest ever update, The Cayo Perico Heist, which is scheduled to release from 15th December on the PlayStation 4. As the trailer teases, you can expect several new characters – and a few old ones as well – as you attempt to infiltrate an island off the shore of Los Santos, and pillage it for the “score of a lifetime”.

“Anything goes on Cayo Perico, a private paradise that's home to the infamous El Rubio, the world’s preeminent narcotrafficker and supplier to the Madrazo family,” the blurb explains. “Cayo Perico is not only the nerve centre of El Rubio’s drug empire, but the island also plays host to his other great love: marathon dance parties on golden beaches, where everyone from jetsetters and heiresses to legendary music producers gather to rave until the sun comes up.”

Rockstar says this is the largest GTA Online update to date, and in a first for the multiplayer mode, you’ll be able to enjoy it solo if you prefer. Of course, you can also play with three other friends – it’s up to you how you want to enjoy it. And remember, there’s a new underground nightclub opening beneath The Diamond Casino & Resort that you’ll be able to hang out at as well.