Geoff Keighley sure knows how to get people hyped up, and this year's no different. He's been spending the last week or so drumming up excitement for The Game Awards, which kicks off tomorrow. As well as announcing that games such as Fall Guys, Crimson Desert, and Dragon Age 4 will be showing up, the producer/presenter has said there will be an additional 12 to 15 all-new announcements. His latest tactic for getting gamers amped up is the all-important Instagram filter.

That's right: if you open this link on your mobile device (and have the app installed), you'll get access to a special Game Awards filter. It's an augmented reality filter that puts one of the show's angel-like trophies into the scene. You can show off to all your followers about that one time you got a real life Game Award, for realsies.

Will you be popping a Game Awards trophy in your next Instagram post? Are you looking forward to the show? Tell us in the comments section below.

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