Off the back of major departures at BioWare, the developer will debut a "special look" at Dragon Age 4 during The Game Awards on Thursday. That's all we have to go on right now — besides the image featured in the tweet below — but we pray to god this isn't another concept art presentation. This reveal needs to be something of actual substance or we're afraid Push Square deputy editor Robert Ramsey might quit on the spot. The studio needs to instil a bit of confidence back into its die-hard RPG community.

Even the picture from Geoff Keighley's tweet looks a bit odd. Have the sword and shield purposefully been removed? Bizarre. The BioWare RPG joins Crimson Desert in confirmed appearances and reveals for The Game Awards 2020 so far. Do you reckon we'll actually get a proper look at Dragon Age 4 during The Game Awards or will this once again be a whole load of nothing? Speculate away in the comments below.