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Update 17/12/20: This patch for DIRT 5 is now available for download on PS5 and PS4. Time to hop back into the driver's seat!

Original Story: For as much as we enjoy DIRT 5, it didn't launch in the best state. It's no Cyberpunk 2077, but the off-road racer arrived with some visual issues, Trophies not unlocking, and some fairly regular crashes. However, Codemasters has committed to updating and improving the experience, and to that end, the developer is about to release a big patch that should remedy the majority of problems.

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Update 2.00 is scheduled to roll out in the coming days on PlayStation 5, PS4, and other platforms. A major addition with this patch is wheel support. If you have a wheel controller peripheral and have been yearning to put it to use in DIRT 5, today's your lucky day. Codies says the game will support an "extensive" selection of wheels, including "Thrustmaster, Logitech and some Fanatec devices".

Another big improvement that PS5 fans can look forward to is a fix for those darn Trophies. Some of the Trophies just wouldn't unlock after you should've earned them, and patch 2.00 sorts this problem out. After installing the update, complete any event and the Trophies you should've had will unlock.

That's far from it, however. This update improves the visuals and performance across various instances, and fixes some common issues, like how you'd see flickering lights in night events. Some crashes have been resolved too, and you can now listen back to any podcasts you missed with a new playlist. Online has seen some attention, with improved matchmaking and an increased friend lobby. There are also updates to split-screen play, Playgrounds mode, and even more fixes and improvements. You can read the full patch notes here.

Again, this update gets pushed out this week across various platforms. Will you be using a wheel in DIRT 5, and unlocking those missing Trophies? Go for a ride in the comments section below.