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Prior to Cyberpunk 2077 launching and subsequently crashing and burning, CD Projekt RED was talking a big game about free DLC drops and even an upcoming multiplayer mode. Of course, now the Polish studio is going to have to helm a rescue mission, as it tries to get the title into a playable state on a standard PlayStation 4.

And speaking as part of an emergency board meeting, president Adam Kiciński admitted that it’s “too early to judge” what’s going to happen to its post-release plans. “We don't know yet,” he admitted, referring to the promised add-on packs and competitive multiplayer mode. “We are now focused on improving Cyberpunk and will discuss it early next year.”

He continued: “We're in a situation which wasn't planned, and we'll have to reassess where we are, and that's the plan for January. So now we are managing the situation of the single player, we are working on patches and communication, and to refocus on gamers. We have to sit and discuss.” To be fair, the multiplayer and DLC was not due to be unveiled until 2021 anyway.

Still, we can’t see anything other than a severe delay to this previously planned content. It’s going to take a good two or three months to get Cyberpunk 2077 into working shape before it can even begin to refocus on its post-release content pipeline. And don’t forget, it’s still got the PS5 version of the title – and a next-gen port of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – on its slate.

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