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CD Projekt Red has decided to scrap its plans of revealing DLC for Cyberpunk 2077 before the game's 10th December 2020 launch, instead opting to wait until everyone has the title in their hands. This is because of the surprise delay the hotly anticipated RPG was hit with, pushing it back a couple more weeks. The developer has also confirmed more news on the Cyberpunk multiplayer project will be arriving early next year.

As part of the company's Q3 earnings call, picked up by Video Games Chronicle, president and joint-CEO Adam Kiciński said: "The initial plan was to do it before release, but after the recent delay, we decided to wait for the release to provide gamers with the game and then start talking about future projects. So, after release." He then went on to state that multiplayer news will be arriving during the Q1 period of 2021, with the project said to be entirely standalone from Cyberpunk 2077 itself. Lots of stuff going on at CD Projekt Red right now, then.

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