Proof, perhaps, that making a big ol’ stink on the Internet can work in your favour sometimes: Insomniac Games has announced that it’ll allow you to export your save from Marvel’s Spider-Man on the PlayStation 4 and import it into Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered on the PlayStation 5. Previously, the developer hadn’t planned to enable save transfers in the title, culminating in some robust criticism.

The functionality won’t be available at launch, but the developer’s aiming to make it available later this month. “In an upcoming update for Marvel’s Spider-Man, we will add the ability to export your save to Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered,” the studio said. “This update will also add the three new suits from Remastered to the PS4 game. We expect to bring you this update around Thanksgiving.”

It’s unclear whether those who’ve already earned the Platinum in Marvel’s Spider-Man will automatically unlock the Platinum Trophy upon transferring to Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, as the two different releases have separate Trophy lists. Nevertheless, this will come as welcome news to those who had hoped to pick up their progress in the next-gen version of the studio’s superhero romp.