PS Plus Collection PS5 PlayStation 5 1

If you own a PlayStation 5 and have an active PlayStation Plus subscription, then you can redeem and play 20 or so excellent PlayStation 4 games as part of the PS Plus Collection. It’s a great sweetener for next-gen early adopters, and you can actually enjoy all of the games on the company’s previous console once you’ve redeemed them.

Of course, this has triggered a lightbulb moment for some industrious players, who have been selling access to their PS5 in order to allow other accounts to redeem the games and then enjoy them on their own PS4. In Malaysia, one next-gen console owner was charging around $8 to add all of the games to the library of a customer’s account.

Some early adopters have already racked up over 50 clients, and the Japanese giant has sniffed out what’s been going on and banned them. For the seller, it’s a permanent ban, while those who purchased access to the PS Plus Collection games have received a two month ban as well. We suppose it’s not a massive surprise really; this is undoubtedly exploiting the system.