We're all of course enjoying the PlayStation 5 and its slate of launch games, but there's plenty to look forward to in the near future. One game that's worth keeping an eye on is Returnal, a PS5 arcade action game from Resogun studio Housemarque. We've only really seen a CG trailer so far, but given the developer's back catalogue, there's every reason to be excited.

In a new video diary series named HouseCast, it seems the team will be providing some small updates on development as we go forward. The first episode goes over their thoughts on previous PlayStation launches before discussing the future. Towards the end of the video, we get to see some brand new footage of Returnal in action. While it's only a few seconds of gameplay, it looks typically explosive, with exaggerated visual effects and plenty of particles.

In case you're unaware, the game is a roguelike third person shooter in which a woman faces off against a hostile, ever-changing alien world. It's due out sometime within the first half of next year, so it's not too far away now.

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