December 2020's free PS Plus games have been announced. As has been the case since the PlayStation 5's launch earlier in the month, three titles are up for grabs — one of which is available on Sony's new console.

The PS5 game in question is Worms Rumble — the latest entry in the long running series, which will also be playable on the PS4. Meanwhile, on PS4, subscribers are getting open world chaos simulator Just Cause 4 and arena shooter Rocket Arena. All three titles will be available to download from Tuesday, 1st December.

In our 6/10 Just Cause 4 review, we praised aspects of the title, but found its mission design fell short:

Just Cause 4's traversal system can be wonderfully entertaining, and the chaotic, explosion-sim physics in play are frequently exhilarating, but they're manacled to a game that has absolutely no idea how best to use them.

It's worth noting that if you're planning to play Just Cause 4 on your PS5 via backwards compatibility, then you'll benefit from a much more stable framerate, which was a problem when the title first released on PS4 Pro and PS4.

Rocket Arena's another game that we didn't instantly adore, mostly because of its price point. In our Rocket Arena review, we suggested that it may have fared better as a free-to-play title. Maybe it'll now finally find an audience as part of PS Plus:

Despite the handful of enjoyable hours Rocket Arena has to offer, it's not an investment worth considering. With microtransactions already up and operational alongside a premium price tag, it’s likely to find itself without a player base before too long. Rocket jumping can only take it so far.

Across all free PS Plus games in 2020, we estimate that subscribers received just shy of $800, which is a good return on the membership fee.

What do you make of December's lineup? Is this a strong end to the year for the subscription service? Don't shoot the messenger in the comments section below.