Demon's Souls PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Officially, the PlayStation 5 doesn’t have web browser support. However, the functionality is built into the console, and works really well. One thing we’ve discovered recently is that it’s possible to pin a web page to the side of your game. In the example embedded above, we’re using our excellent Demon’s Souls guide while working our way through Boletaria.

One way to access the web browser is by sending a PlayStation Network message to a family member or friend with a hyperlink in it. From there, you’re free to browse. When you’re ready to pin the page, simply push the Options button and select Pin to Side. You can set whether you want the page to appear left or right of your game.

This also works with YouTube videos, so if you want to follow a specific walkthrough – or just watch a podcast or show while you’re grinding – then you can do that as well. Obviously the feature will work better when the Internet browser is natively supported, but we can already see ourselves getting a lot of use out of this functionality when Trophy hunting.