Here's something quite interesting that we haven't seen talked about: part of the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller can be very easily removed. It's the black piece of plastic towards the bottom of the pad that covers the two thumbsticks, the PlayStation button, and the microphone. YouTuber John Glasscock demonstrates how it is done in the video above. This looks like a very simple process that sees the plate come off and fall back into place with ease.

So, what does this mean? Not a lot in a vacuum, but we can't help our minds instantly wander to the thought of console customisation. As we've seen with the PS5's faceplates, there is a demand for different colours and designs. One company even tried doing it themselves before Sony's lawyers very quickly came knocking. Could we one day in the future see custom parts supplied by the Japanese giant that allow you to switch up the colour of both your system and controller at once? That would be pretty cool. Keeping the colour theming the same between both parts of the PS5 experience would be something greatly welcomed amongst the PlayStation community, we're sure.

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