Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster N7 Day

There's a growing hope that the long, long, long rumoured Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster — also known as Mass Effect Legendary Edition — may finally be announced this weekend. At this point, we all know that the remaster is happening — it's been outed by multiple trusted sources on multiple occasions — but the wait for its official reveal has been tedious to say the least. 'Mass Effect Legendary Edition' even got an age rating in Korea recently.

Supposedly, the remaster was due to launch by the end of this year, but it was pushed back into 2021 so that the developer could hit a certain level of quality — particularly with the first Mass Effect, which is really showing its age.

Anyway, it's N7 Day this weekend — that's the 7th November to those who aren't familiar. BioWare hasn't teased any big announcements for the big day, but there is a certain event that's caught the attention of series fans. Mark Meer, the voice of male Commander Shepard, will be joined by a bunch of other Mass Effect voice actors for some kind of livestream on Saturday. Patrick and Karin Weekes — two BioWare veterans still working at the studio — will also be present.

Naturally, this has got people talking. N7 Day would obviously be the time to announce the Trilogy remaster, but as always, we'll have to wait and see.

Are you hoping for the bomb to drop this weekend? Stand against the Reapers in the comments section below.

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