Update: And now have a comparison video of Marvel's Spider-Man from IGN to demonstrate the title's considerable visual upgrade on the PlayStation 5. The lighting is, frankly, outstanding in the next-gen version.

Peter Parker
Image: Game Riot

Oh, and as for Peter Parker's new face, it's looking pretty good, as this capture from Game Riot demonstrates.

Original Story: If you weren’t on the Internet when Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered was announced, you missed some primetime outrage. Not only did Insomniac Games have the outright gall to charge extra for the overhauled PlayStation 4 exclusive, but it also wasn’t going to allow save transfers. The developer has since rolled back that decision, announcing that a Marvel’s Spider-Man patch will enable you to export your progress later this month.

And now for the first footage of the PlayStation 5 game: it’s a remarkable improvement. Obviously the PS4 version already looked very good, but the addition of raytracing – or 60 frames-per-second if you prefer – results in a generation shift for the release. Check out the footage above, and then the comparison below. We’re sure there’ll be some better side-by-side comparisons uploaded to YouTube soon.

All of this has resulted in, well, a little bit of crow being served to sceptics. Clearly the developer’s put in an absolute ton of work here to upgrade the overall experience, and at a $20 premium as part of the Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition, there’s clearly a lot of value on the table.

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