Yep, Fall Guys is back, this time with a mid-season update that adds a whole bunch of fresh content to the popular party game. Season 2 is about half way through, and to keep players on their toes, developer Mediatonic has introduced a bunch of new stuff. You can see some of it in the new trailer above.

The main attraction is the new level named Big Fans. It's a race-type level that has the crowd of beans hopping across a series of precarious fan-shaped platforms and dodging other obstacles along the way. However, that's not all. This update also makes it so there are more potential random hazards across all stages, meaning rounds you're comfortable with could be much trickier. Of course, there are also new costumes to spend your Kudos on.

As well as these new stages and variations, you'll also be able to select your server region when you fire up a game, which will hopefully make for smoother matches. Additionally, all those special, limited-time cosmetic items have been added to the in-game store's rotation, meaning you can get those licensed costumes you missed out on.

The update also allows you to queue for multiple different show types at once, there's improved stability when playing with friends, and you can now choose your language in the options. Finally, a bunch of bug fixes have been made. It's a substantial update, and it's available to download now on PS4 as a free game patch.

Are you still hopping about in Fall Guys on PS4? What do you think of this mid-season update? Don't be a grabber in the comments section below.