Watch Dogs Legion PS4

Despite the PlayStation 5 being just around the corner, there are still a couple more heavy-hitters to release that you may be playing natively on PlayStation 4. Watch Dogs Legion, out this Thursday, is one of them and its Trophy list appears to indicate a Platinum Trophy that's fairly easy to unlock. Could this be the final list of trinkets you fully unlock before moving on to PS5? Potentially so.

Exophase has the complete list of 40 Trophies, where it details multiple storylines and missions that each reward a Trophy upon completion. You'll then need to turn every borough into a Defiant state, make up a team of 20 Operatives each with different occupations, and even recruit a video game designer. Then you have to eliminate Albion guards in certain ways and complete darts and kick up challenges. Taking a look at the full list, it doesn't seem to be all that difficult if you're setting the Platinum Trophy in your sights. We also don't know yet if this Trophy list will be shared with the PS5 version — Sony hasn't clarified that at the time of writing.

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