Travis Scott PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Update: Okay, we now have some context for this commercial from PlayStation. According to a PlayStation Blog post by Eric Lempel, the rapper has signed with the company as a “strategic creative partner”. Here’s a bit more: “We heard Travis is a huge PlayStation fan, so we started a conversation with him that led to this unique partnership. Through our mutual passion for gaming and creativity, we plan on collaborating with Travis and his Cactus Jack brand to produce innovative projects that we hope will delight our collective fans.” Probably helps that Cactus Jack Records also appears to have a deal with Sony Music.

We still don’t quite know what the collaboration will entail, but it seems like you can probably expect clothing, music, and much more. Maybe there’ll even be a Travis Scott game?! Here’s what the rapper had to say about the partnership: “I’m really looking forward to being able to showcase everything that Cactus Jack has worked on with Sony and the PlayStation team. Most importantly I’m excited to see how the PlayStation fans and family respond, and I look forward to running some games with everybody very soon!”

Original Story: We don’t even know what to say about this one! You may recall Travis Scott posting a picture a few weeks back with the DualSense controller on his lap. Well, it seems he was shooting this… Commercial? Trailer? We’ve no idea what the hell this is supposed to be, but it’s already attracted millions of views, underlining the rapper’s popularity.

So, what do we see here? Well, first we get shots of the PlayStation 5’s engineers and designers in sneakers. Then we see Travis Scott himself – in PlayStation branded Nikes – powering on the next-gen console. The ad appears to ape classic Maxell commercials, as the system quite literally blows the superstar away. And that’s it…

Make of it what you will!