Word of warning physical purchasers: if you're mother comes to visit, hide your PlayStation 4 games! The good folks over at Hap Inc have managed to gamify this struggle with Mom Hid My Game!, out right now on the PlayStation Store for just £3.99/$4.99. PlayStation Plus subscribers can even get a 20% discount on top of that!

As the trailer above explains, your mum has hidden your games, so it's time to search the environment to get them back. They could be trapped up in your living room curtains, hiding inside a wardrobe, or even inside a watermelon. The objective appears to be to progress through as many days as possible, otherwise, it's game over! We simply cannot deny it, we love the look of this game. Our friends over at Nintendo Life awarded it a 6/10 upon its Nintendo Switch release, so there's clearly something to this smartphone port.

Will you be trying to get your PS4 games back from your mother? Share your tactics in the comments below.