Sackboy: A Big Adventure is the darkhorse of the PlayStation 5 launch game line-up, and we're incredibly excited to get our hands on it alongside Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demon's Souls. What's even better then is that there's so much more to do after you beat the base campaign, including a new set of levels that will test your skills to the max. You'll begin to unlock these as you progress through the story.

As detailed in a new interview with Polygon, the PS5 platformer will include Knitted Knight Trials that challenge Sackboy with the game's most difficult challenges. Design director Ned Waterhouse said: "These are a set of hardcore platforming challenges [with] quick-fire, arcade gameplay. They’re all optional, but they are really fast assault courses where you get a single life. And that’s where you really see the nuance of this move set come into its own."

"The final Knitted Knight Trial is the game’s ultimate challenge: It’s a 10-minute level with a single life, which I refer to as my Everest, because much to the game design team’s disappointment, I still haven’t finished it. So some of my professional credibility is called into question there." The interview also brings with it a couple of new screenshots, which we've embedded above.

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