October 2020's PS Plus games have been confirmed. As always, subscribers get two PS4 titles. This time around, it's Need for Speed Payback and Vampyr. The latter will hopefully get you in the mood for Halloween.

We actually rather enjoyed DONTNOD's vampiric role-playing game, describing it as "intriguing" in our Vampyr review. However, we did feel that the title was let down in some crucial areas:

Vampyr has a ton of interesting ideas, an intriguing world, and a great cast of characters, but is ultimately let down by its narrow-minded focus on unnecessary combat.

Need for Speed: Payback fared less well in our 3/10 review:

Need for Speed Payback is a real-world example of microtransactions gone wrong. As an open world racer, the game’s inoffensively average – but when paired with its bafflingly bad progression system, it’s frankly an embarrassment. It’s scary to think that publishers are quite literally sabotaging their own games in pursuit of a bonus buck or two these days.

Both games will be available to download starting next week, from the 6th October. You can find a list of all PS Plus games and all PS Plus Collection games on PS5 through the respective links.

What do you think of October's PlayStation Plus lineup? Feed us your thoughts, good or bad, in the comments section below.